Happy Hour Menu

Planet Thai  HAPPY HOUR      4:30 PM to 6:00 PM – and – 8:00 PM to Close – 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Sunday

(Dine-in only)



Bottle Beer                                                   $3.25

Singha, Chang, Tiger, Tsing Tao, Sapporo,

Red Hook IPA, Widmer Hefeweizen,

Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Widmer Drop Top.

Draft Beer                                                     $3.50

Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Heineken.

House Wine                                                 $3.50

Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine of the day                                          $5.00

Well Drinks                                                 $4.00

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Scotch.

Cocktails                                                      $5.00



$ 3.50

Cup of Tom Kha Soup

Creamy coconut soup with cabbage, mushroom, and chicken.

House Salad

Fresh lettuce, tofu, tomato, cucumber, onion, bean sprout,

and hardboiled egg served w/peanut sauce.

Crispy Spring Rolls (3)

Bean thread noodle, carrot, cabbage stuffed in a

flour wrapper with sweet plum sauce.

Fried Tofu (6)

Lightly fried soft tofu with peanut & sweet chili sauce.

Fresh Salad Wraps (2)

Soft rice noodle filled with fresh salad and tofu.

Dipped in peanut sauce.

Pot Sticker (5)

Pork and cabbage dumpling with sesame soy dipping.

$ 4.00

Philly Crab Puffs (4)

Jumbo Tortellini stuffed with imitation crabmeat

and cream cheese, fried till golden brown.

Chick in a Nest (3)

Fried marinated chicken thigh wrapped in Pan Dan leaf.


$ 5.00

Satay chicken w/ Peanut Sauce (3)

Skewered marinade chicken in Thai spices.

Herbs Calamari*

Fried squid rings lightly coated with herbed flour

on a mildly spice Aioli.

Street Vender Chicken Wings (5)

Family recipe on Sukumvit road.

Crazy Shrimp** (5)

Quick poached shrimp topped w/ spicy vinaigrette.

Papaya Pok Pok

Shredded papaya tossed with dried shrimp, tomato,

green bean, and peanuts in a chili-lime vinaigrette.

Larb*(Chopped chicken salad)

Chopped chicken toss with fresh mint, cilantro,

red onion, and toasted rice powder

in a spicy lime vinaigrette.

Grilled Beef Salad*

Grilled beef tossed with tomato, cucumber, red onion,

bell pepper, mint, and cilantro in chili-lime vinaigrette.

Half order Simple Thai Fried-Rice with chicken

Wok fried-rice with egg, onion, tomato, pea, carrot.

Half order Basil Fried-Rice with chicken*

Wok fried-rice with onion, bell pepper, tomato,

and basil in chili & garlic oil.

Half order Tropical Fried-Rice with chicken

With curry powder, egg, tomato, onion, pea, carrot,

raisin, cashew nut, and pineapple.

Half order Pad Thai with tofu or chicken

Stir-fry rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts, green onions, and chopped peanuts in a tangy tamarind sauce.

Half order Drunken Noodle with chicken

Well known basil based spicy wide rice noodle dish with onion, tomato, bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, and chili.