About us

Well known for making glorious Thai creations for years, we recently opened our doors in Beaverton’s Round to share these creations with you and your community. Locally owned and operated, we want to share the meals our moms taught us in Thailand.

We began sharing our cuisine with communities throughout the world since 1995. We continue to improve the Thai cuisine from hotels in Bangkok, restaurants in New York, culinary schools in Oregon, and cooking competitions in Washington.

Come, experience a bit of Thailand with us through a culinary journey. Our chefs come from various regions of Thailand and look forward to sharing their creations with you. Most of our dishes are traditionally served family style, so share them with your friends and family for a collective culinary experience. We can make dishes mild to hot, depending on your tolerance level, or even… your sense of adventure.
Your satisfaction is our goal. Let us know how we can make your experience with us better.